All U Best Friends – Goner x Lil Xan (Single)

Our homie Goner released a brand new banger with Lil Xan on June 24th, 2022. Goner has outdone himself this time by creating a catchy melody where he breaks down how he has been weighed down by everything happening from COVID to “friends” that “support” his passion but he is simply seeking that the people close to him see the deeper, complex person that is behind that tattooed face. He has become numb to the pain but as the chorus says he is going to go MIA to focus on himself rather then the bs. Now Lil Xan has a short appearance on the track but he furthers the theme of saying fuck the bs and focus on having fun with your life in a few short seconds. Now we got to give it up to the production handled by Jake Plus was awesome and really matched the vibe of the track. Jake has been a long time collaborator and always brings heat to the table so I was very happy to see his name credited to the track. Show love to all the homies involved ya’ll, run up those plays!


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