Highs & Lows – Frosty the Gloman (Music Video)

My man Frosty the Gloman rolled into my feed with his brand new music video for his single “Highs & Lows” which dropped today, June 19th, 2022. The theme of this single is all about good and bad vibes, handling the wave of negativity to then cruise with positivity in your sails as life is to short to let anyone or thing anchor you down to the sea. Meyer handled production for the single perfectly, matching Gloman’s style with a fine toning; I really like his trippy trap sound which he has always kept a form of in his singles. Now I gotta say I really liked the visuals for the music video done by SLVGGA who killed the colors and visualizations that Frosty is known for. Dope piece that makes a brother need more so why not peep some of his other singles he has dropped this year!


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