Hello World – Esebaby (Review)

South Carolina based rapper Esebaby released his first EP on April 22nd, 2022. Now the Greenville artist hasn’t put out much other than this but you need to keep him on your radar as “Hello World” was a fantastic start for a fresh brother. Now I do wanna give love to the homie Isaiah from The Hood Saviors as he put me onto this brothers work so show him some love as he is doing great things here in SC. The EP is 6 tracks, 13 minutes long which is a fair length but uses all of that time to make a lasting impression. With all that said lets dive into the music, this is “Hello World” by Esebaby.

The Breakdown

We start off with “Intro” which is fitting as we get our first impression on who Esebaby is from his style to what he is about. He is focusing on getting the listener to really hear his voice rather then hear the rap as he is in a position in life that challenges him, from the color of his skin to his lifestyle their are things that will press him to quit but he is introducing us to his undying attitude of perseverance. “Shadow” starts us off officially with a great beat that runs well with Esebaby’s flow. The theme for me felt like a brother who kept to himself, focused on his hustle is now slowly stepping out of the shadows to embrace the light or vision he is crafting. This track has some great wordplay but also mixing where his vocals sounded perfect for the chorus. “Ginobili” is a star studded track like the player it’s named after. This feels like the origin story on why Esebaby became a hustler but also how he discovered what would make him stand out from the crowd of flooded street rappers or cheap imitation Tupac’s. Great story telling and a fantastic beat that really elevated the song to another level! Track 4 titled “My Bradda” feels a bit more lighthearted with a focus on his brotherhood; he almost acts like a father giving advice on what to do and not to continue surviving but to also succeed with life. Great production as the beat feels paced perfectly with Esebaby. “Going Direct” follows similar ideas but focuses on a street hustler aspect, dime bags to stove tops with the focus one making yourself into a boss rather then working at a dead end spot forever. I really liked the beat for “Going Direct” which was fast, furious and fun! “F.I.B.Q.” has a good blend of trap lyrics/production that mixed well with his voice as he explains why some folks need to say “Fuck It, Be Quiet.” Whether they’re putting their business out for everyone or running their mouth Esebaby is simply saying to keep it on the low, enjoy the party rather then question the party.

Hello World – Esebaby

Final Thoughts

Overall I can not stress enough how good of a debut this is for a fresh, new artist. “Hello World” delivers on its name by introducing the local music scene to a menace ready to break waves while also spreading a unheard sound to other regions of the country. I would say that I have a favorite song but honestly this is a full playthrough with no skips. I can’t recommend this EP enough so please show some major love for Esebaby; also give flowers again to The Hood Saviors who work with us on bringing the stars out from South Carolina. Thank you for reading, I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Hello World” by Esebaby.


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