Nobody – DaveGotti (Single)

Columbia, SC artist DaveGotti released his latest single “Nobody” on May 16th, 2022. First I wanna give flowers to the legend based out in SC, The Hood Saviors who shared this joint which I shall now give my two sense on. Now that we got the flowers passed lets light the torch, DaveGotti brings a stop and go flow that works well as he raps about the streets, trapping and surviving when nobody has your back. I really dig his voice which works well with that stop and go flow/delivery but I do wanna see this brother make some more music with some different beats; I liked the production from camgoincrazy but I feel DaveGotti may hit more strides with a slower, Future like production or some lofi-trap beats. Overall this is a dope track and I hope to see more from DaveGotti down the road, show some love with a follow or like.


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