MIND ON MISSION / THROW IT ON ME – Kemkooley (Single)

I am back after a brief absence to cover Houston’s hottest rapper Kemkooley who just dropped his third single of the year, “MIND ON MISSION / THROW IT ON ME” on May 15th, 2022. Who’s kooler then Kem because my brother stays on the grind with consistent hits on a month to month bases. This track is split into to parts with each portion having a different narrative/direction. Now “MIND ON MISSION” feels like a gym joint where Kem is only focused on becoming the star he is set to be by forming his universal pull through a catchy hype track that gets you ready to break a sweat. “THROW IT ON ME” is about enjoying the labors of that very same grind, from the woman who wanna see what’s under the shirt as bro lightens up the vibe with a fun conclusion to a solid two-piece meal. Now I love giving flowers to as many folks affiliated to the magic so shoutout to nofriends who did a great job on production; creating a different vibe for both parts of the song. Show both brothers major love, been killing it in the game for a minute.


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