The Musical Hippie is Going to the South

Well the day has come, if you haven’t picked it up by the title I am currently moving from Southern California to South Carolina with my lady from May 10th to May 16th. What does this mean, well for starters all the artist in the South and East are gonna be getting some major love as I work with the homie Hood Saviors who has the same goals I have in this community which are bringing dope artists to your ears. It is gonna be a draining trip and I apologize for the lack of post throughout this month but life has to come first since this is a free passion project that I hope becomes more one day. But the fire burns, I wanna thank all the new readers and OGs who have stayed with us for the 3 years we’ve been grinding and hope we see you when we hit that diamond status. I am The Musical Hippie, the man, myth and legend saying I shall see you soon.


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