He-Unit by x Trap Toys

Recently an older post of mine from July featuring 4 different Tyler the Creator figures done by MEKA with Trap Toys has been popping off due to a feature from the legendary Nardwear during his recent interview with Tyler, the Creator. Dan Evans who is a long time collaborator with Trap Toys helped in the creation of “He-Unit” which was also featured in that same interview. Now I first wanna greet all of the new faces and hope you stay tuned in for what we have coming! Now in that same video you can see Tyler cracking up over the 50 Cent parody figure called “He-Unit” which has Curtis Jackson looking a little sus. This was one of the earliest figures made by Trap Toys yet it had the biggest pop from Tyler and Jasper Dolphin who both loved the NY rappers bare look. All I can say is we need a new one that has a glock replacing He-Man’s sword.


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