Whoa1.0 Drops 3 New Beats

My homie Whoa1.0 dropped 3 brand new beats in the past 3 weeks all ranging in style. Let’s jump in, “MOB BOSS” is the first of the three beats that has a very nasty violin sample that reminds me a lot of GTA IV (4 for the dummies). I think it has a great flow and would be fun for a mafiosos style track. “BAG” has a fast 8-bit vibe like a Tron cycle racing in a video game. I like the high energy that this beat brings and adds another layer to my brothers sauce. Now we get to the soul in your sock, “EVERYTHING” slows down the pace with a nice rhythm that could make you look over your shoulder if you were in the wrong hood. All three of these beats are sick in their own rights so show my brother major love with a listen; if you got bars purchase a beat and spit it I’ll even cover your track.

(left to right) “MOB BOSS”, “BAG” & “EVERYTHING”

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