All That I Have – Jamel (Single)

Los Angeles based artist Jamel released his single “All That I Have” on February 9th, 2022. Now I don’t always bring up how I find musicians but I gotta give flowers to Jamel who I found on my TikTok through his aggressive self-promotion which is that key hunger for any underground artist trying to make it; I dug what he was playing which lead me to “All That I Have.” The theme of the single in my eyes is the story of survival, working with what you have or got left and not quitting even when the universe is trying to throw you off balance. His production is gas with high prices on the beat that I believe he crafted which works great with his flow/delivery. I also love his voice which is smooth but has a little thug in it, brother has everything going for him. He has an EP titled “FEELIN’ GR8” dropping on the 27th of this month so if you’re digging this be sure to stay tuned for more from him soon.


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