Suntrap – Florian’s Creek (Single)

The talented Florian’s Creek released his latest single “Suntrap” on April 16th, 2022. I just listened to “Suntrap” on my patio smoking a wood while the rain dropped in the background and let me tell you this is some prime music, Florian covers the idea of an overthinking, insecure lover who is helplessly waiting for his crush to simply send him a text back but he doesn’t wanna fall into the pit of double texting so he must play this chess game with a woman he wants to tap; speaking of taps be sure to follow my boy. Now their isn’t a Batman without his Robin who happens to make some amazing beats, Friendswithbeats produced this track to wonderful execution. This acoustic folk vibe blended with splashes of jazz and blues really works together like butter on lobster. I really love this track, it got me tapping into my feels so if you felt something be sure to show love to both the homies.


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