fuck off – Genuardi (Single)

NY based musician Genuardi released his latest single “fuck off” on March 18th, 2022. Now relax Jackie because we were very behind on this talented brother who summited his song back in March but due to life we’ve now been able to sit and listen. “fuck off” is a beautiful blend synthetic hooks/melodies with some live guitar and other instruments that really bring out the power of Genuardi’s voice which caught me off guard for what the song is titled. The theme seems to be the most poetic way to get that anger deep in your gut out to those who hated, didn’t wait or stopped caring when you were down and out; you’ve survived and thrived into the beautiful person you are now so raise a glass and say it loud, fuck off. Production is equally as good as Genuardi’s vocals with the use of live instruments that form this campfire melody that I think sets a perfect theme for the track. This is a fantastic song that made me feel grateful for Genuardi’s submission, please show him some major love!


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