Hikaru Shida

This day, 3 years ago, the joshi known as the “Shining Samurai” Hikaru Shida would become All Elite and sign with All Elite Wrestling or AEW for short. But before we look at her career in AEW, lets go back and take a look at what all she accomplished.

Hikaru Shida was born on June 11, 1988. Growing up she would practice Kendo and Judo and would become a 3rd degree black belt in kendo and have a red belt in Judo. She’s an avid cosplayer, even incorporating elements of characters in her ring attire. She is a gamer, talented piano player and singer.

Shida as Tifa

She’s also an model and actress that starred in the tv show, Muscle Venus, appearances in Mutant Girl Squad and Robo Geisha and would go on to star in Three Count alongside her soon to be mentor and trainer Emi Sakura. Having to learn wrestling to play the part, she would train under Sakura and debut in Sakura’s promotion, Ice Ribbon alongside her cast mates from Muscle Venus, Tsukasa Fujimoto and Miyako Matsumoto. She would quickly fall in love with wrestling and decided to become a wrestler so in July of 2008, she would enter the ring where she would become one of Japan’s top joshi’s and freelancers while wrestling there. She wrestled for the Ice Ribbon promotion for 6 years, and was labeled as a future Ace of joshi puroresu. However, she would capture her first title, the International Ribbon tag titles with her Muscle Venus partner, Tsukasa Fujimoto in 2010. She would make appearances in NEO Japan and Smash, the latter where she would meet and face her future best friend and tag partner, the “Karate Girl’ Syuri Kondo. She would defeat Syuri and from that defeat the 2 would form a friendship and partnership and compete in Smash against Io and Mio Shirai. They would later face each in the first round of the Smash Diva championship tournament where Syuri would come out victorious. Back in Ribbon, her former partner, Tsukasa would capture the Icex60 championship and Hikaru would become her first contender where in lead up to the match would defeat Tsukasa in a tag match by pinning her and would later defeat her to capture the title. She would main event in joshi legend, Bull Nakano’s retirement show and would later face her friend, Kana in Wrestling New Classic. Now around this time is where I began to notice and follow Hikaru’s career due to her match with Kana, who I was a fan of. She would later make her debut in Mexico alongside Tsukasa for the CMLL promotion. During all this, she had the longest reign with the Ice title, with 273 days before she finally lost it to Mio Shirai. After her defeat she would appear in Pro Wrestling Wave’s Dual Shock tournament teaming up with Yumi Ohka. After being eliminated in the tournament few weeks later, she would make her debut in Stardom in a 6 women’s tag match. Back in Ribbon, at an event, Aja Kong would invite Shida back to Oz Academy where Shida would start using her patented and trademark Kendo in matches. In the following years, she would rack up more title wins with the Reina tag titles, 2 more Ribbon tag titles and the Wave tag titles as well. She would later make her first American appearance for the Shimmer promotion by competing at 4 events. She would return to Japan and later become a freelancer. During this time, she would return to America at Shimmer 62 and back in Japan would start up her own independent shows. She would continue making appearances in Wave where she would capture the Wave title and debut in Revolution Championship Wrestling in Spain, where she would also capture their championship as well. This wasn’t the first time, Shida was a double champion, she was even a triple champion at one time. When WWE would make a stop in Japan, she would participate in a tryout courtesy of William Regal. She would then capture the Sendai Girls Tag titles and Oz Academy Tag titles with Syuri. She would end her days as a free lancer by signing with the Makai company where she has made appearances before when she would portray the character known as Tsuruhime.

Shida as Tsuruhime

Now we arrive to this day, in 2019, Hikaru Shida would sign with the upstart wrestling promotion in the states, known as All Elite Wrestling or as we know it now as AEW. The era of Shida has arrived. Hikaru Shida would waste no time making a name for herself in the promotion where she would quickly establish herself as the “Ace” of the women’s division. This was her division. She became the measuring stick and the gatekeeper. The division goes through her. You wanted the title, you would have to go through her which unfortunately, no one measured up to her. Just a month over a year from her debut, she would capture the AEW Women’s championship during one of the worst times in wrestling. It was 2020, and COVID had affected the whole world. AEW got hit hard due to talent being stranded overseas and the women’s division got hit the hardest. However, that did not deter the “Shining Samurai” from carrying the division, let alone, get her down and she showed why, she was the “Ace’ and if you were going to compete in the division, you had to go through her and her Falcon Arrow and Tomashii finishers. She would defend her title against many contenders like Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa, Tay Conti, Anna Jay, Alex Gracia, Ryo Mizunami and Penelope Ford.

In a record setting reign for the company, she would hold the title for 372 days after losing to Britt Baker, a year later at Double or Nothing where she won it previously. This reign surpassed Jon Moxley’s previous record and even to this day, no champion has surpassed this reign. After her defeat, she would take time off and in a cryptic tweet, would tweet a picture of her hair on the floor, signalling she cut her hair. We would get to see her new look a few days later where she would return with a shorter hair style and a Monster Hunter inspired outfit and new finisher, dubbed the “Kitana”. She would later try to score her 50th win in a match against the “Professor” Serena Deeb where unfortunately she would fall short and afterwards, Deeb would attack her with the trophy that was made for her to commemorate her 50th win. Despite that setback, she would get her 50th win, and with it, would become the first woman to score 50 wins, a record still standing at this moment I believe. I could be wrong and if so, feel free to tell me otherwise. Only one other person accomplished this achievement before her and that was Jungle Boy. Later she would get her revenge on Deeb by picking up a victory over her to continue the feud that was set in motion back when she was trying to score her 50th win. They would continue to feud for the rest of the year and trade wins. After their fourth encounter, Deeb would viciously attack Shida by taking out her knee, forcing Shida to return to Japan to refresh and renew herself. While in Japan, she would return to Makai for their Genesis event and return to Ice Ribbon by teaming with her Muscle Venus partner, Tsukasa Fujimoto, as well as making an appearance in TJPW. She would return to AEW with a vengeance by attacking Deeb with her trusted Kendo, signalling this feud was far from over. As of this writing, Deeb and Shida have 2 wins each, against each other, with this year’s Double or Nothing on May 29 in Las Vegas, to end their feud. But before that, she returns to Japan for her next Makai appearance. It remains to be seen what’s next for the “Shining Samurai”. As of right now, she qualified for the AEW Women’s Owen Tournament by defeating Julia Hart, where she joins Jaymie Hayter and the newly signed Toni Storm and as of last night, Red Velvet has qualified. However besides this tournament, she still can go after something that would not only make her once again, the only woman to accomplish this, and that’s by defeating Jade Cargill for the TBS title since Deeb did cost her, her shot for the title during the tournament. Who knows what would’ve happened if she wasn’t eliminated. All I know, Hikaru Shida is a dangerous woman, that I wouldn’t piss off and I would advise the rest of the women in the division to not get on her bad side. Jade better be lucky, she hasn’t encountered Shida because I guarantee, one Kitana and Shida will be your new TBS champion.

There you have it, Shida Army. A brief history of AEW’s Ace and her story is far, far from over. I don’t know if you will ever read this, but Hikaru Shida, I want you to know, you are my hero. You are everything I wish I could be. I have been a fan for over a decade now and you inspire me to be a better person. I will forever be your fan, and proudly lead the Shida Samurai as their General. Thank you for being the light in my life. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Everyone eles, Shida later and oh yeah, enjoy the rest of Shidaday.

Me and Shida in New York

-Shida Army General~

If you wish to learn more about Hikaru Shida or become a supporter, follow her on her official Instagram and Twitter. Subscribe to her channel on YouTube called ShidaTube. Also tune in to AEW every Wednesday night on TBS, Friday night on TNT, and YouTube on Monday and Tuesday. More importantly, if on Facebook, come join the group Amazons of Wrestling to celebrate her and many other women in this industry.

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