Desperate For Peace – Sagethe9th x Kyon Ball (Single)

South Carolina artist Sagathe9th released his latest single “Desperate For Peace” on February 14th, 2022. Now right off the bat this beat had me biting my lip, bopping my head feeling a certain I mean like God DAMN is this some buttery smooth production that had me really grooving. Sagathe9th isn’t alone as Kyon Ball provides some acoustic vocals for the chorus on this mellow track. The theme for me was Sagathe9th telling a story about a heartbreak that hit his core to the point that he is search into anything to give him peace of mind, a situation I’ve been through that never feels good especially trying to cope but when you find peace you find love for ones self. Kyon’s voice adds another level to this track, though he may not be the vocal point of the track his vocals are fantastic that he could have captured any single lady listening. This right here is a slapper but what is gonna really hype me up is his next single, “Hit Me” dropping Monday, the 28th so be sure to stay tuned when we cover it! Show both Sagathe9th and Kyon Ball major love!


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