diving board – redveil (Music Video)

Prince George’s County, Maryland artist redveil released a music video alongside his latest single “diving board” on March 9th, 2022. Now I owe my knowledge of redveil to Dre Wave$ who shared this single on his Twitter; I saved it for a later date which is now but I can joyfully say that redveil is that dude! First I have to note this brothers production which is absolutely gas, I mean I really like this beat that works well with his flow/delivery. Now “diving board” seems like a journey through life as you slowly climb the ladder to eventually meet your great leap that can change the course of your life. Did I mention that this brother has a great voice because man I really got captivated by it along with the music video; directed by Manny Madrigal with Gabe Hostetler as the DP this music video really caught my full attention from the amazing special effects handled by Tyler Shuler or all of the fun, unique angles used to capture the young Maryland artist. This is truly beautiful but we ain’t done as redveil will drop a new single with a music video titled “better” on March 30th, 2022.


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