OUT THE GATES – Yung Men (Music Video)

Yung Men dropped a brand new music for their single “OUT THE GATES” on March 18th, 2022. We covered the single before hand which I felt was a jazzy slapper that truly showcases some talented brothers from Cali who need to be known. Ramethy starts it off with that sexy looking mug that gets more woman then Victoria Secrets. 48Lucid follows after the chorus with some bars matching the freshness of all their fits. Speaking of fits let’s really appreciate the outfits Yung Men coordinated which bring the colorful charm out of each member and 48Lucid. Now the music video is gas boys, Evatt Carrodus & Christopher Powers did a fantastic job at bring creative shots every time all the boys are in. I think that this music video screams creativity which is what Yung Men represent, be sure to follow them as they continue to spread great music across the Golden State.


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