WEIGHT – J. Moore (Singles)

Sometimes we fall behind but I never forget as New York based artist J. Moore dropped some bangers back in August of 2021. First I wanna give flowers to Moore’s manager, Isaiah who is the founder of The Hood Saviors that like us help promote local talent from North and South Carolina so big ups to him! “WEIGHT” is a collection of 3 different singles all ranging with emotionally2 storytelling about life and much more, as we break down each track you’ll learn more about J. Moore then a IG caption could tell you. I also want to give flowers to Kyon Ball who handled production on the singles so when I mention my thoughts on it be sure to keep bros name in mind. “Truth Be Told, Pt. 2” is the first of the three singles that sees Moore explain the pain that helped motivate him into grinding music while also having to face questionable actions from so called “friends” that don’t respect his grind. I really dug the production which had a lofi/trap sound but really worked with this brothers voice. “Pain Kills” starts off with some R&b vocals that really catch the listeners ears as he slowly lead into Moore’s verse which continues the same themes from the previous track but explores that hole left in your chest from the lose of a loved one. I really like the play on painkillers with the title as many turn to drugs to numb the pain of reality but the only way to escape is to adapt or fold. I think the production was killer with a really good blend of trap with that soul/R&B vibe I was speaking about. Being a Bay Area cat anytime I see the words cut throat I instantly think of Mac Dre, “Cut Throat” has that similar attitude Mac had with some gangster style lyrics that show a more broken or crazy side of J. Moore who is ready to snap like he did on the verses. I really like this track that has the fuck you, I’m me attitude that I believe a young artist needs to have, that raw hunger to shine by any means. The beat slaps, this right here would sound stupid on a good car system. Overall all 3 of these singles slap harder then gumbo so be sure to let my brother know you want more music; shoutout again to The Hood Saviors who we look forward to building with!


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