OUT THE GATES – Yung Men (Single

My homies from Northridge, CA, Yung Men dropped their latest single “OUT THE GATES” on March 1st, 2022. FOOT, Ramethy, George “G Shizzle” Anumba and Cornelius team up with 48Lucid to create bangers; “OUT THE GATES” is a fantastic mixture of unique production with fantastic lyricism from brothers who do not get enough love from their state. It’s been a minute since Yung Men has dropped some music as a group but all of these brothers have been on a solo dolo grind but that was wonderful because as a group they are masterful. Lyrically all of these brothers kill their own verse with amazing, thought-provoking bars that won’t fly over your head like some brothers will while spending their respected time to remind you that they are on the scene in full effect. Production is dirty, I really like this funky, weird sound that seems like a blend of BROCKHAMPTON with Tyler the Creator which a lot of these brothers have noted as influences in a very old interview we conducted. Dope track even doper dudes so be sure to show major love when the music video drops soon.

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