Therapy – C.h.a.m.p (Review)

Dallas next big superstar began his year with his first album, “Therapy” on March 3rd, 2022. Now if you aren’t aware of who C.h.a.m.p is or his story my brother was shot in the head a few year ago and had died for about several minutes but miraculously pulled through which fueled his hunger in the music business. We covered his last release, “YOLO” which I felt was a fantastic start to this young brothers career for the mixture of street beats and storytelling lyrics; now we are here to enjoy what he called “The Godfather” of his LP trilogy. Now as we stated this album had a lot to do with C.h.a.m.p’s recovery process from his death but also has a ton of slappers for the brothers or sisters wanting to test their sound system. Now let’s get into my thoughts on “Therapy” by C.h.a.m.p.

The Breakdown

Just like Biggie C.h.a.m.p has a story to tell with “I Gotta Story to Tell” which plays the newscast of when he was shot. I really liked that this was our introduction to the album since this carries the entire story layout for the LP. “Lion” roars with might as C.h.a.m.p drops bars without any remorse about some king shit. I love bros attitude on this track where it describes a beast mentality while mixing a good blend of street storytelling. I liked the trap beat used, very straight forward but helped get the story penned down. “My Hood Freestyle” follows afterwards with some introduction keys that build the hype up for when C.h.a.m.p begins rapping. This is just my brother spitting off the top without any hesitation. Beat here was also very well done with no note left untouched. Track 4 titled “Krease” features a brother named Kaztro who starts off the track with a fast, furious flow/delivery that focuses on real life issues brothers in the hood face. I have to say as the first of two features my man left a great imprint. C.h.a.m.p comes in kicking like the karate kid with bars that follow a similar theme but with some more focus on that party life with the respectable woman we do not cuff. Production was fire with a really fast paced beat that gets your heart racing like you drank a Redbull. “Ghetto Dream” was in lined with C.h.a.m.p’s older material from production which I must say was the nastiest beat once it got rolling. His lyrics revolve around hustling in the ghetto to become larger then being another statistic for AmeriKKKa. I really must commend bro because once this track began I knew I was in for a banger. “Kronic” continues my hype for the Dallas product as he keeps this energy from the previous track but mellows it out a bit more into a focused track that speaks more on how fake some “homies” can be; smoking your chronic but never having 5 for it. I really dug the beat which was slow but full of beautiful melodies. “Hey Grim Reaper” feels like a taunt towards Death himself since C.h.a.m.p escaped his hand. I really like the flow/delivery here which has him focused on life lessons while enjoying the second chance God gave him. Production is solid, really enjoyed the beat that flowed well with his verse. “Killa” got that Three 6 Mafia vibe as we explore a darker side of C.h.a.m.p. This feels more horrorcore based with bars on his sick mind state that is leading him to riot against other artist as he is on a mission to murder wack rappers. Production is fire with a beat that sounds similar to a heart beat.

We covered “Baby Debo” before stating that it is a fun, party track for shaking ass and smoking grass. The production was also fire with some jazz elements blended with trap. “Show Me Your Heart” is very romantic with an R&B sound that would get your momma’s panties wet. I really liked the the theme of loyalty and love where C.h.a.m.p is simply asking if you’re playing with his heart, time and spirit as some females be playing chess with dudes for no reason. Production is gas, I mean this may be my favorite beat from the whole LP. Track 11 starts off with C.h.a.m.p getting some baddies without any effort; “Minajatwa” is a French delicacy that some have had which C.h.a.m.p breaks down like those baddies backs. I really liked his flow along with the beat which both rolled well over each other. “Pimpin” continues those same themes from “Minajatwa” but focuses on making bread like a pimp; from the gold to the green with every benefit in-between. Production once again is gas with nothing to crazy but the trap sound never gets old with my brother on the beat. “Talking to God (Interlude)” helps break into C.h.a.m.p’s insecurities and fears which is rare for a rapper to explore their feelings since society hates when men don’t appear tough 24/7. This vulnerability is beautiful to me as we get a deeper perspective on a survivor. The beat is really dope with a mixture of lofi and gospel that creates this wonderful sound. “To My Mother” continues this layer of soul my brother is spilling in ink on these amazing tracks. The single is similar to “Dear Mama” or Hey Mama” where C.h.a.m.p reminisces on his mother who blessed her son from with her angelic soul as he makes a thug melody so tough anyone who has lost a parent will be shaken to the core by his words. The production carries over from “Talking to God (Interlude” with the lofi/gospel sound that I really fuck with. “My Fears” concludes the album with C.h.a.m.p expressing those deep dark fears he has again showing a softer side of the Dallas rapper many may not have known about. Breana Marin provides additional vocals which work well with the lofi/gospel production; her angelic voice only elevates the track into what we call GOAT status.

“Therapy” – C.h.a.m.p

Final Thoughts

Overall my brother is on poinr with his first LP; I can say that this is a wonderful album with depth that many wish to get out of their music. The production on “Therapy” is absolutely phenomenal with a great blend of different sounds like trap or gospel. Now lyrically my boy stepped his game up with more defined themes to his songs but also adding some layers to his wordplay that really get you bobbing to his verses. Now my top 3 songs are gonna be “To My Mother”, “My Fears” & “Ghetto Dream.” “To My Mother” and “My Fears” had some of the best production along with storytelling where we saw another side of someone you may never see unless he feels confident in himself to show it. “Ghetto Dream” was a straight bop however with some of the best bars from the Dallas menace that left me wanting some more business/street hustle rap. This was a fantastic sophomore album from C.h.a.m.p who I look forward to working with on the next project he does; be sure to follow my brother if you vibed with any of the songs from “Therapy.” As always I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “Therapy” by C.h.a.m.p.


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