Still on Track – ISO INDIES (Singles)

New York duo ISO INDIES dropped their latest singles, “Still on Track” on February 18th, 2022. Dillmatic and Conchezyout combined their masterful rhythms on 3 new singles that will have your speaker bumping. We begin with the self-titled track, “Still on Track” which has these dudes sounding like Outkast. I love the flow/delivery along with the bars which float around the duo keeping on pace to reach their goals without falling behind like some underground artist do. Production was dope, really liked the beat which again reminded me a bit of Outkast with that New York flare. “Can’t Make It Up” is a great follow up that carries a similar theme where both MC’s speak on events that could have stopped their music careers; I was a big fan of the second verse which was mellow but still hit hard with great bars. The beat slaps real good, I dug the melody but I think this was a very laid back track for those who need a smoking tune. “Cruisin Through” keeps this chill melody and takes it to another level’ remember that note for “Can’t Make It Up” well this may be another smokers anthem where the duo just drops bars on how they’re pushing through life to enjoy their harvest. I really dig the beat here again these dudes have some fire production on deck. Overall all three of these singles are heat which I need in my snowy mountains. show love by following if you don’t already; they got a new project titled “Message in the Music” dropping March 18th.


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