KAPTIAN – Simon Vertugo (Single)

My brother from San Jose is killing the new year, Simon Vertugo dropped his second single of 2022 on March 3rd. “KAPTAIN” is about to throw me overboard with Simon’s nasty bars, I mean some real scurvy dawg shit. The theme for me is Simon continuing his growth as a person more then as a artist, taking control of his ship by cutting off fake as crew members while showing he is getting more in tone with his music; similar to Tyler, the Creator we continue to watch Simon grow as he also handled the mixing/mastering of this single. Now production was just as grimy without all the dirt, my man has had an amazing production history like Pharrell and this beat did not disappoint. Overall bro you just have to listen for yourself, I love this mans work so my opinion is bias but be sure to listen below and follow my man Simon Vertugo.


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