Eazy – Kanye West x The Game (Music Video)

Ye and The Game just weren’t finished with SKEET as they dropped a music video for their single “Eazy” on March 3rd, 2022. Now look do we really care about the lyrics, at this point the beef between Kanye and Pete Davidson is comedic but it did make for a fire single/music video. The Game’s half of the video has him hanging out with the Compton legend in a 64 Impala as they pull up to a hole that has SKEET in it. We cut to Kanye he has a shrunken head of what I’ll just say is Pete but in his verse he kidnaps the SNL star, buries him in some dirt and plants some roses that bloom from Davidson’s head. Now I feel this is more of a symbolic showing that Kanye is done with this whole thing after his divorce has officially happened today so I think this was more his way of trying to say sorry in only a way Ye could. Overall this Brisk commercial was fire, really want a sweet tea now but leave your thoughts on the post.


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