Georgia based boyband OMNI dropped a wicked music video for their single “BLACK MINIVAN” on January 12th, 2022. Now you may or may not know this trio so let me break it down like some herb; we got JoVaughn Simmons who raps, does audio engineering, directors and films the videos or photography for their music, Dawvro does the editing for music videos, raps, produces and does graphic designs with J’Aime being the clothing designers and rapping as well. Now that we got the filler lets cut to the main episode; Simmons starts off this hype piece with an energetic flow/delivery that captivated me from the get go. I couldn’t tell you what this track is about nor do I care because this man is spitting like your girl afterhours. Dawvro follows on the second verse with a similar flow/delivery that is in your face like an annoying sibling; I dig brothers voice which is soft yet aggressive like a lightskin thug. J’Aime concludes “BLACK MINIVAN” with a solid closing verse that keeps that energy high. The flow/delivery is about the same but his voice has a higher pitch to the point of it almost seeming like a drug trip. Production is fire, the group has inspiration from BROCKHAMPTON and Flatbush Zombies which reflects in the track but I think they nearly do it better. The music video has some really unique stylization to it, I honestly have to say that this may be some of the best underground cinematography not being done by my homies, YUNG MEN. Overall this is fire, I am following these cats and so should you; listen to their debut album “DOPEBOYS” on Spotify.


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