Regal – Goner (Single)

My homie Goner is back with another slapper titled “Regal.” Now if you’ve been a longtime reader we’ve covered Goner for a hot minute so when he released his second single of the year we already were ready to cover it like a blanket. “Regal” is different compared to Goner’s previous work, this still has a emo-pop sound but a more trap based beat that really flows well with his delivery. The theme is more trap with bars about getting that gawk gawk 3000 in a Buick Regal while also covering how haters will always try to hate even if you pulled up dressed like a salad. Goner has always been open to changing up his style which is showcased her, his flow/delivery is slower with more focus on his pace. Now lets give some flowers to Negative Zero who made a killer beat, I dig the sound direction he took when crafting the art that is “Regal.” As always show my big homie major love; he has constantly supported us so we always extend that love back.


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