WEIGHT – Dre Wave$ (Single)

DC MC Dre Wave$ is back, starting his year off with another hit titled “WEIGHT.” The world is real heavy especially with everything happening with Russia but Dre Wave$ takes this chance to allow his emotions to roll of the tongue; sad that some people would dawg such a dope brother for allowing himself to seem weak with emotion with how the world is set up. From his fathers passing which hurt him to the core and finding a way to cope too how much he has sacrifced to not be disrespected by being told by someone else how some other unknown rapper is better then him. This is for the hustlers and street soldiers needing that new track to motivate them, help give them the boost in the morning to push weight. evince absolutely was the perfect guy for this beat, I really like how unique it sounds compared to previous beats Dre has rapped on while also flowing well with Wave$ delivery. Overall this is a fantastic single that only makes me hungry for the music video; make sure to follow and share this heater.


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