Hello Angels – Eric Bolton (Single)

Canadian rockstar Eric Bolton released his single, “Hello Angels” on January 28th, 2022. From the press kit I was given the single tackles the stark contrast between the initial anger that Eric felt towards his religious upbringing, to the celebration of life and freedom of self that he has now. Now you can really hear those emotions, the anger that has sat in his belly come out with his beautiful vocals that could pass off as a 90’s rock anthem. I think the guitar along with drumming help play into that feeling of rage but as he grows so does the volume which can emphasize the freedom he has now gained. When asked for more about the single Mr. Bolton said “I hope this track leaves a sense of excitement about life and about building a future for yourself where you thrive. There is still the reality of perhaps a negative or painful past, but it shouldn’t be the place where we stay, and the more we step into what’s right for us the more the road becomes more clear and even magnetic.” I would say this is a mighty fine track, if you’re a fan of that old 90’s rock then this is the guy for you; be sure to show major love with a follow or share.


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