All Bad – RamJaan x 48Lucid x FOOT (Music Video)

RamJaan is the name that you best remember as they dropped their first music video on February 1st, 2022. This duo is built from the homie Ramethy and JuuJaan, now we covered Ramethy not too long ago but I’m not famialr with JuuJaan but man won’t that change with him being the producer for the duo; this beat right here was nasty enough for me to sit down and really analyze it like a disease. Ramethy starts off “All Bad” with a very aggressive verse that has him and JuuJaan going around town reposing your shit cause you’re a broke boy. After trying to repo 48Luicd car my man chases down the duo in his rob while spitting a 16 fouler then his boxers from this chase. I really dug how he entered the track but also felt he may have had the best verse of the three. FOOT comes in kicking it on the floor with the most mellow of the verses, his bummy fit really works well in the story of just two repo-men who got caught up and now got this grimy man spitting bars for them while a dude in his briefs just chills; this is honestly some great content that is lighthearted but has serious bars in it. Now we mentioned JuuJaan made the beat but the homie Cornelius mixed it like a blender, perfect dough for the dopest rising duo from my coast. Evatt Carrodus handled the directing, production, anything that involves the music videos creation he touch with some golden hands. I love how the camera is used along with the comedic narrative that really matches the personality of all these brothers who crafted the song; this is top tier like a Pokimane sub. Show everyone tagged major love for their role in this dope project, YUNG MEN coming soon!


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