The Highs – Grafic (Music Video)

New York based artist Grafic dropped his latest music video on February 4th, 2022 for his single “The Highs.” Now I covered Grafic back in January but the brother told me he had some coals in the pit ready to be ignited this month but sadly I missed it by 2 weeks. Now Grafic is a brother grinding, in both music videos from him he literally sells his CD in it; that is hustling at its finest but also shows his persistence which is evident in “The Highs.” The theme of this track is all about balance, Grafic breaks this down on an Instagram post stating “Growing up while staying true to you. Believing in yourself while being angry that you aren’t doing enough. The highest of highs mixed with the lowest of lows.” I definitely got that vibe of growing or never doubting yourself but if the message wasn’t loud enough then maybe the style switch in-between may help you see it; from dropping 16’s to a more grunge rap sound in a matter of seconds but it really shows how you never know what to expect from a young, hungry artist. Production is also done very well, both beats leave a satisfaction to my starving ears. Overall dope work by a dope brother, show him some major love with a follow or share.


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