jeen-yuhs Act I: Vision (Review)

Kanye has been in headlines for the past month or more for many reasons but his three-part documentary, jeen-yuhs has officially dropped the first episode on February 16th, 2022. Now my love for Kanye is so deep it would put your ass to sleep but I honestly didn’t realize this existed until a couple nights ago when my lady went to bed and I was bored; normally I’d just continue my grind in LEGO: The Hobbit but instead I went to Netflix to watch something, this was that something. The trilogy follows the journey of Mr. West and Coodie as they rise in Chicago, head out to the East to become more then just some Chi-Town producer all the way up to what I’d assume would be current Ye. Act I: Vision starts off with Kanye West rising as a young producer in Chicago, working with No I.D, Common Sense and just about everyone until he moves out to New York in search of a label deal. Coodie joins off of a feeling, this draw to see what happens to Kanye births a bond that hasn’t been broken in over 20 years. Once in NY Kanye is working with Black Star, Jay-Z, anybody who was booming in the early 00’s Ye was touching their production. The documentary really gives insight to what producers go through, with artist wanting to spit a verse for Kanye in return for a beat which is horrible for a brother trying to survive in New York; what really was crazy is the amount of delay Kanye faced in getting a record deal as an artist since nobody had ever really seen a producer wrap like that with some exceptions. What I didn’t know was the small beef he had with Dug Infinite over a diss track, Kanye had done an interview where he credited No I.D. as an influence but the magazine flipped it which caused Dug to diss him, Ye and his gang mob up to Dug where they hash it out. This leads to the most heartwarming section where Kanye visits Donda, at her apartment in Chicago to seek some inspiration after everyone kept putting his name in dirt. After that trip Kanye goes back to NY with new motivation which in doing so helped him land a much deserved deal with Roc-A-Fella. Honestly I am hooked because now we really get to the bread and butter of Kanye’s music; Act II: Purpose drops February 23rd, 2022.


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