Flaming Vortex – Simon Vertugo x Juno’s Rocket (Single)

My boy Simon Vertugo is back in the scene, teaming up with the homie Juno’s Rocket to release “Flaming Vortex.” This is the first release of the year for both of these talented young brothers who I’ve covered like Coodie did Kanye. Simon starts off the single with a nice new flow/delivery, something a bit more in touch with his earlier work “Kowboy” but still flirts with his latest work. Now the theme for me seems sorta meaningless, honestly this just feels like my boy hopped on a track to remind ya’ll he can murder a track while still handling his own business. Juno jumps in directly after Vertugo is finished; also following the same idea I laid out by simply spitting some dope bars with the homie. Juno’s Rocket actually went more in depth on the creation of “Flaming Vortex, saying “Jaydin heard this sample in a coryxkenshin video and decided to make a beat around it. Fast forward a week or so and he pulls up the beat when we’re hanging out and I just had a verse that could float on it and now here we are.” Now the beat is real nasty, I mean snot dripping out an ugly chicks nose type ish with a really dope snare and sounds I’ve not heard before. This right here was the best start my boys could have had, make sure to be watching out for their next work as we do the same!


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