Triple X by Sam RucKus (Review)

Triple X by Sam RucKus

San Jose artist Sam RucKus dropped his first project of 2022, “Triple X” on February 9th. We’ve covered RucKus a couple times from 2019 to 2020 but he has been in the lab working all throughout 2021 with his last EP being “If I Made Lofi.” The cover caught my eye, from Sam’s own caption for the EP he broke down the design, saying “the monkey is mad blue is cause I was born in the year of the monkey and google said given my birth date my monkey type was the Water Monkey.” Clocking in at 18 minutes, this 5 track EP is a quick listen I look forward to writing about; so without much more delay these are my thoughts on “Triple X” by Sam RucKus.

The Breakdown

We start off the EP with “Pleasure To See” has a serious tone, this feels like RucKus is blowing some steam he has been holding onto for some time; whether it be about people questioning his production (which he fully did alone for this EP) or for political beliefs that he has that many may not have. I dig this fuck you, I’m me mindset the track portrays along with the beat, the rattlesnake like snare really brings this elusiveness to the beat that just makes me say damn son! ‘Mera Mera No Mi” or Flame-Fruit from Google’s translation definitely fits the fire, Sam attacks fake MC’s who sell nonsense while breaking down how his lyricism would make any phony crumble like a cookie. I really love dudes flow/delivery and bars which really hit the mark; there is some awesome rhythm and references that not even the trappiest of trap rappers could think of. The beat has a jazz like blend, almost feels like a suspenseful movie about to hit the climax with the ending of the track cooling off a little bit just like a film ending. “You’d Better Go” is for the oldie homies who love their classics, the production on this song is laid back like a recliner. It starts off with some sad monologuing by Sam but then the beat completely flips into a different track, faster with more aggression as RucKus brings the pain. I really dig both beats but think the first half was better personally but this whole track slapped. Track 4, “Let Go” is the shortest of the 5 tracks but has the most diverse sound to it; this feels like a bad break up that really took a grip on the young MC but he has to accept that in order to heal he must let go. Now he also mentions other vises like smoking, drinking which also can be caused by that bad break up. I really dig the beat which is slow but mythical. We conclude with track 5, “Noise” which to me feels like a song about escaping the hardships of our mortal existence. Next to “Let Go” this track felt more meaningful from Sam RucKus. Production wasn’t my favorite but I do think it matched the concept a lot, it had a major Earl Sweatshirt vibe.

Triple X by Sam RucKus (

Final Thoughts

Overall this was a great start for the young brothers year, each song had it’s own feeling along with excellent lyricism. I would say my favorite of the five was “You’d Better Go” which had a sexy switch on production. His flow also was top notch on that track, for me that one really had all of the creative juices running. Now lyrics were a big one and Sam RucKus has built his name up for being a great producer with good bars, he does not disappoint with each songs narrative staying on rails but still leaving room for surprises. Production is the real dub here, each track had a beat that matched or elevated Sam’s flow/delivery while not taking away from him being on the song. I can not stress how highly I recommend this to fans of that gritty underground sound looking for something with a bit of spice, “Triple X” is your new morning coffee. Show the homie major love and we hope you enjoyed our thoughts on “Triple X” by Sam RucKus..

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