DAMN SON – Faaris (Single)

Faaris released his first single of 2022 on February 4th; bringing a different sound that fans have not heard yet. Now by it not sounding anything like his previous work I mean the beat is completely different then what I could have expected, “DAMN SON” may have the funkiest beat I’ve heard since “EAST” by Earl Sweatshirt. Now lyrical Faaris snaps like a Slim Jim with a spice filled verse that opens up the track; breaking down how Faaris is grinding to take over the airwaves while being asked how bro keeps making hits. The second verse carries the torch to the end as Faaris drops bars full of nice references while continuing the theme of telling his grind. “DAMN SON” was a great way to start the year off for Faaris who has always shown love to us so make sure you repay that by checking out his previous releases.


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