The Wolf Among Us 2 (First Reveal Trailer)

The Wolf Among Us season 2 trailer, a once unlikely dream became reality for many, including myself. After the mind-bending twist that takes place at the end of season 1, we finally get a look into what to expect next. They nailed every aspect of what made the first game appealing. The shady neon colors add a beautiful tone to the story’s mystery. The music still has the great old folky and electric mix that’s truly unique to the game. The music was made by the original composer of the game, and the soundtracks of the great music in The Walking Dead, Jared Emerson-Johnson. The game looks incredible, seemingly to mimic the smooth gameplay in The Walking Dead Final Season. That’s real exciting knowing how wild and creative the fight scenes in TWAU can get. The game teases the villains of the season. I love how the series can take fairytales and spin them in their grim world. This time it’s the cast of The Wizard Of Oz that’s against Bigby and fable town. We don’t know much about the story, but there’s a lot to guess. It seems that Dorothy is in charge of the pack. Maybe the Oz group is involved in some sort of drug operation, or perhaps they have a vendetta against Bigby or Snow White. There are still questions leftover from the first game that I hope will be answered, such as what happens with Nerissa(Ariel). The Wolf Among Us is TellTales hidden gem and it’s incredible to see in full form after so many obstacles, and it did not disappoint!


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