First Day – Ty Thom (Music Video)

GOD VZN labels released their first hit of the year with “First Day” by Ty Thom. We all at some point hit a road block in life, you wanna do right by your parents and fulfill their wishes or you may wanna explore a path that might fail without the grind; in my current time on Earth I am on an expedition on doing this site full time with reselling. Ty covers this topic in the track as he shows how one no motivated him to grind towards the yes he wanted; his flow/delivery are what I remember loving from this talented brother who would rather work towards his dream instead of a 9 to 5. I love the scenes of him striping the suit down to comfort clothes, showing how as he peels off the things that ain’t him his real self comes through. Production is dope, I dig the mellow R&B style beat that works great with Thom’s flow. The music video shot by Dre Directs is also well handled, as I pointed out with the suit it has a story it tells to perfection. Overall really dope work from a fantastic upcoming artist, make sure to show love to Ty along with GOD VZN.


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