See & Say (Demo) – Florian’s Creek (Single)

Anti-rap artist Florian’s Creek released his single, “See & Say (Demo)” on December 13th, 2021. If you can read which I’d hope by choosing us as your site for underground entertainment then you’d understand in Creek’s bio that “I’m black and I rap, but I’m not a rapper, nigga.” The song has a mixture of indie with rap that make a raw melody as Florian’s Creek raps over the wicked beat. The theme to me seems to be on finding your own path that isn’t influenced by outside opinions; seeing what the media or people around you say may form opinions you don’t really have to fit into what society or to keep relationships but once you cut those cords that are tangled up you’re left with true freedom. The production is fantastic, I really enjoyed the indie blend and look forward to his upcoming work with fellow Jersey producer Friendswithbeats. Overall this a creative single that has me excited for his newer releases coming in February so make sure to follow him for more!


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