LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Gameplay Overview

After waiting for what feels like forever, we now have a brand new gameplay trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga showing off the expansive world brick by brick. The game is set to change the way we play LEGO games, reliving all 9 films with DLC expansions set in the future the game seems to continue mechanics started in previous games but adding more depth to combat. A big change you’ll see is combos along with a new aim system for blaster characters; a new cover system along with a counter-attack system will also be in the game. All this sounds grand but I am personally a fan of the simplicity with LEGO games so I do hope all these ideas are not overbearing. A huge interest for me is the large open hub worlds, from Naboo to Hoth players can expect to visit many fan favorite worlds that all will have a multitude of fun to behold. New tools like a net gun or a shock grenade bring new ways to play, there seems to be a RPG like skill tree that will possibly serve as the “red bricks” of the game. 300 plus characters, a gigantic sandbox of things to do all while playing the game in mumble mode to relive my childhood, April 5th needs to come sooner because I will be buying a physical copy of The Skywalker Saga.


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