CountryDeli – GagePayne x ZenStokely (Music Video)

California based artist GagePayne & ZenStokely posted their collaborative single “CountryDeli” on September 3rd, 2021. I stumbled on this single through my review on “Moods In Indigo” by Kilan Thorns, azmuth who co-produced “CountryDeli” was the middleman that linked me to it. Now the single really caught my eyes for the visuals, which az handled along with shooting the video. Zen starts off the smooth single with a laid back verse; his flow/delivery is very mellow but firm like a handshake with your girls father. GagePayne enters afterwards for verse 2, from his fro to his flow this brother is smooth, I mean I may have used the word heavy in these article but that is the overall vibe both artist give off. The theme really isn’t heavy either, just two dope brothers spitting bars while smoking skunk. I mentioned that azmuth had co-produced, Infinity Chakras was the other half on this beat that really stole the show; it has the Wiz Khalifa vibes but blended with a touch of Bay Area. Overall really dope work, amazing music video as well; show major love to all four of the artist involved!


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