DO THA MOST – Kemkooley (Single)

Kemkooley of MONARCH3 Records released a brand new single today, January 17th titled “DO THA MOST.” Houston’s finest is starting his year off strong with a track breaking down how to many people are so extra to become rich that they end up even broker. The hater fuel is high, Kemkooley breaks down how he is keeping to himself, bagging a shorty rather then cashing out on them hoes as he protects his funds to focus on his own empire. The fuck you, pay me energy is high as his third verse is all about how Kooley is that dude, leaving haters like Swish cheese as he keeps himself clean. Production which is handled by no friends has a great sound to it, really matches Kemkooley’s style perfectly. Overall dope single, be ready for the music video coming soon!


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