Believe – Feralman (Single)

Welsh/Australian Indie-Folk artist Feralman released a wonderful new single on January 7th, 2022. First I would just love to say I dig the name Feralman, it really caught my eye when I was presented his single because that is just a dope name. After losing a family member to being diagnosed with a brain tumor, “Believe” is to inspire hope into those wanting to quit on life, telling you to suit up, smile & look forward to breathing another day because the sun will shine. Now I really enjoyed this song, I mean Feralman’s voice is beautiful; you can somewhat hear the tears being held back as Feralman sings along with a woman about the freedom that he is enjoying even with these tragic events clouding over his conscious. When speaking about “Believe” Feralman said “I wanted to write a track that was about self belief. Something that basically said, don’t worry about what other people say or think, the only thing that matters in terms of what you want to achieve, is that you believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself you can achieve pretty much whatever you want. When you make choices and decisions, do so positively rather than through fear of failure or of what others will think.” Now I think this is quite a lovely folk song, which is why I am excited for his album, “Allegories” to release later in the year. Be sure to follow Feralman to keep up with his music along with the development of “Allegories.”


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