In Memory of Sad Frosty (March 4th, 1997 – January 14th, 2022)

I am sorry to announce underground emo pop rapper Sad Frosty has sadly passed away on Friday, January 14th, 2022 at the young age of 24. The Houston artist began his career in 2018 with his single “A.D.H.D. Freestyle” later dropping his first album, “A Playlist.” After that he would release a second studio album in 2019 titled “Playground” along with a bunch of singles up until 2021. I didn’t know Frosty very well but did write about his single “Swerve” back in 2019 where I broke it down along with saying I enjoyed his work. Truly sad to see another young talent gone, no word on how he passed but we will try to keep you posted when we find out.


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