BODEGA RAPS – ISO Indies (Music Video)

New York’s greatest combo since Jeter & Rodríguez, ISO Indies released a new single with a music video on January 7th, 2021. The track starts off with Dillmatic & Conchez splitting reps on the opening, Dill has cut the dreads but that didn’t take away from his lyrically power as he murders his verse while Conchez enters like a shark when he smells blood. The track theme is all about killing time at the corner store, posted up in your fresh fit while you eat ya snacks looking for dessert afterward. Conchez starts off the second half hot like the grill, cooking up better bars then ock. Dill gets in the last jabs but they’re sharp, hitting his bars perfectly to end this fantastic single. The music video was shot by Taylor Flash who did an amazing job capturing the duo in prime condition, these two look great in every angle. Also wanna shoutout the beat that is colder then a Slush Puppy, really liked the overall production. Show both the homies love by listening to their newly released album, “Underground Kings II” on Spotify.


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