Eazy – Kanye West x The Game (Single)

Hollywood’s favorite media monster Kanye West teamed up with The Game to release a new single, “Eazy” on January 15th 2021. Ye been in the media storm after a nasty fallout with his wife, Kim Kardashian while now dating Julia Fox as Pete Davidson makes new memories to hang on the wall. It was only a matter of time until we got a new song, especially when Kanye purchased a house across the street from where he used to sleep. “Eazy” is named in after Eazy-E due to the sample used from his 1988 single, “Eazy-Duz-It” in which we hear the intro looped throughout the track. The Game starts the song talking about his rough upcoming that helped form his hunger to become more, he makes some nods to Ty Dolla Sign and Eazy-E on how violence empties their riches until they’re gone because of that lifestyle. Kanye enters afterward talking about how his life ain’t been easy either, speaking on how so many people keep trying to tell him how to be him when only he could know how to be, that mouthful is my humble way of saying Kanye’s telling everyone to keep their opinions to themselves or he’ll leave you on your back in the middle of a sidewalk. Kanye makes an open diss to Pete Davidson saying “God saved me from that crash; Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass (Who?)” but I am sure the SNL star has no problem with living in Ye’s room rent free: next episode of SNL I bet they will make a joke about that line on timbs. Production was also a star, DJ Premier was on the track along with Wack 100, DONTMINDIFIDUKE, MIKE DEAN and Hit-Boy who make the beat slap; the sound is very similar to “Donda” but does enough to stand out however I would guarantee we see “Eazy” on “Donda 2.”


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