BLIND – Faaris (Music Video)

Starting the New Year strong, Faaris released a music video for his single “BLIND” on January 12th, 2022. We previously broke down “BLIND” as being “a person’s issue to see reality while hunting their dream…” which I still feel was an accurate assessment of the single. When the music video starts we see the young Texas born artist blindfolded, with bounds on him as we cut to see the city of Austin. Austin has a huge role in the scenery, most of the music video features Faaris preforming in front of the lit up city while some other scenes take him to the darker outskirts where he is bound, stuck in his binds with a blindfold on preventing him from seeing his future. Once we get to the end however Faaris breaks free, removes the blindfold and his eyes light up like a lantern as his finishes his story. TikiCam did a great job at shooting the video, the entire project has love put into it from scenery to angles that make Faaris feel right in the room with you as he preforms. Overall dope music video, show love to Faaris as he drops more music throughout the year!


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