Vol. 1 – Grafic (Singles)

New York based artist Grafic released two singles under the name “Vol. 1” on June 22nd, 2021. The first single, “$5 Mixtape Man” is a story about how Grafic was on the streets of NYC selling out tapes from his shoebox; grinding like most underground artist do by simple asking for some support. The beat was made by VEXX UK who brings a great, energetic sound out that really reminded me of BROCKHAMPTON. Grafic’s flow/delivery also brings that same vibe, he spits some really well crafted bars while never sounding out of breath. “Soundtrack 2 You” is very uplifting, right out the gates I was hooked by Grafic’s vocals with a very catchy drumline behind them as he shows how he is more then just your local rapper. This is similar to Kid Cudi’s “Soundtrack 2 My Life” but focuses on a romantic interest and how she has Grafic wrapped around her finger like the ring he hopes to get her. I really enjoyed this poetic, romance novel of a track that caught me really off guard. Really dope work from a talented brother who has shown support to the site, show him that same love back!


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