The Days of Old – Paris (Throwback)

If you’re an older brother or sister from the Bay Area you may remember San Francisco’s Paris. The “Guerrilla Funk” MC is the definition of that abbreviation, he spread conscious rhythms to help enlighten the younger audience while spitting facts about the government built for everyone but brothers and sisters of color. These ides are perfectly visualized by words in “The Days of Old” off of his second studio album “Sleeping with the Enemy.” The single has Paris explaining how black people have to stop blaming the white man for what they are doing, killing each other over gang colors while they put each other down and raise stereotypes such as black people being “savages.” Paris really hits this message hard with the line “Or maybe even more of us will blame the white man; before we understand now the problems not him.” from his third verse, “The Days of Old” is more so to remind young black woman and men that they were queens, kings, higher then being dope fiends like they had become. This is just one of many pro-black tracks from Paris who has been trying to reteach the black community since 1990 but his words are still true 30 years later.


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