The Return – Kemkooley (Music Video)

MONARCH3 Records artist Kemkooley released a music video for his single “The Return” on January 1st, 2022. We previously covered his single, describing it as him “speaking on being back in the rap scene, making more music to stretch his sound while speaking on how he relaxed but is no longer sitting on the sideline” which I felt was the best way to break down the Texas natives single. Dillon Love shot the video beautifully, right from the start with a close up on Kemkooley’s hands displaying his brand logo, then everything after is the cherry to the shake. The lighting really plays a huge part as well, the visuals produced by some shadowing added depth into the video making it flow like a river. I also got to give flowers to Kemkooley’s fit, I think his outfits used in the music video all look great. Overall this was a dope music video for a great single, show Kem some major love!


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