Not my Buc: Antonio Brown Quits Mid-Game

Sunday is a sacred day, for some they go to church; for me I watch football with my pet rabbit and play Fantasy Football. This Sunday many teams battled to stay alive for the playoffs while some simply played, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of those few who weren’t effected by their game but they didn’t know that their WR 3, Antonio Brown would cause a scene. Down 14 in the third quarter, Bucs have the ball with 3:07 left on the clock, AB started to stripe from his pads and jersey; proceed to throw them items into the crowd he had worn (which might have value in the resell market) then peace sign as he ran across the endzone to the tunnels where he would never emerge from. Head coach Bruce Arians stated Antonio Brown ” is no longer a Buc” for his actions during the game. Now not only is this in total Brown fashion, I’m like many furious because I started AB in my Super Bowl matchup against my rookie year girlfriend so shoutout to him. Will we see AB in another uniform, if there’s a desperate enough team I’m sure but until then he’ll have a ring which is more then most of us can say.

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