In Memory of Sulton “Traxamillion” Banks (March 25th, 1979 – January 2nd, 2022)

We are sadden to report that San Jose producer Sultan Banks better known as Traxamillion has sadly passed away at 43 years old. Now we have no official reports other then the word from the homies in SJ but nobody would make up such a tale so we will update this store as it goest t. Traxamillion started off his career with “The Slapp Addict” in 2006 which featured hits like “The Sideshow” & “Yellow Bus” but it also had a lot of names like Mistah F.A.B, The Jacka, Keak Da Sneak and more. I knew him better for his production but Trax didn’t shy away from flexing his lyricism, his best project for that would be his 2016 debut album “The Tech Boom.” His influence will live on as he helped carry the torch in the Hyphy movement, he worked some of the most legendary names while helping future legends in the game, all we can say is he shall be missed, Thizz In Peace!


2 thoughts on “In Memory of Sulton “Traxamillion” Banks (March 25th, 1979 – January 2nd, 2022)

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