Fone Kalls – Kai x Senite x Menace4hire (Music Video)

Chicago’s next big star Kai dropped a music video for his song “Fone Calls” back in November but we unfortunately missed the call. Featuring the lovely Senite and Menace4hire, the trio respectfully get their own verse but bring a uniqueness to them starting with Kai. Brother has such a soft voice that really reminds me of a younger Common, he spits bars on the nightlife of a young brother trying to climb up trees in the Windy City. I really like the flow/melody that he brings to his verse, this is really soulful music. Senite slides in like a thirsty homie with a bar that fills a glass, though her time is short she mixes rap with singing as she speaks on not sleeping on her while she grinds to get to her destiny. Menace4hire lives to his shirts name, brother makes a boom onto the track with a short but effect verse where the brother flexes his shine; having a deep bar which goes “After tear comes the laughter, joy come disaster” which just hits a different note when young brothers and sisters nowadays feel stuck in a place they wish they could get away from. Now the production melts the steel like a blacksmith, it has a smooth, jazzy rhythm it follows that really reminded me of Phillies finest The Roots with the instruments used within the beat. Music video which was shot by Joss Andreo was handled beautifully, capturing the dark, gritty city while having lighthearted scenery in a dinner; this really feels like a track ripped straight from the 90’s. Show my brother Kai major love who just dropped a new EP, “Steve’s Demo” not very long ago which we will be covering!


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