Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (Official Trailer)

HBO has announced an original series starring John C. Reilly which will depict the beginning of the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty with Earving “Magic” Johnson Jr. From the YouTube description, the show will cover the “rise of basketball Hall Of Famer Magic Johnson (Quincy Isaiah) and the lengths one man (John C. Reilly) will go in pursuit of securing a basketball dynasty.” Now I honestly am split on this show, mainly because I feel they should have just did a Last Dance but for the Lakers rather then a TV Show but it is also being reported that Magic himself isn’t looking forward to the production. I do think they got a good cast but I just feel like this may fall victims to a lot of he said she said from those living members the show is based off of especially if their involvement is limited. We shall see as Winning Time starts streaming on HMB max in March of 2022.


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