How 2 Survive – Yung Lott x WestCoast Stone (Single)

We just stumbled onto Bay Area rapper Yung Lott who put out an awesome cover of Ice Cube’s “How To Survive In South Central” with a new flip from THEMEKANIX. Released way back in November of 2020, Yung Lott drops a nasty spin on the classic set back in 1991 with Boyz n the Hood which is the entire theme of this music video/track. Lott starts off the first verse sounding just like Cube with a similar fit but rocking that orange SF for the bay as he spits gangster like bars until a red 1988 Hyundai Excel rolls up trying to ruin the session. After that some lessons were learnt in the second verse as Lott spits the gritty life of the West Coast. The third verse is for the homies gone as Yung Lott breaks down the commandments of the hood which then cuts into a recreation of Ricky’s death. The story changes however when instead we get a rewind on what could change when Lott ends the beef by apologizing to the brothers he flashed on. We get a very good shot by shot of the ending redone by Lott. The production was banging on wax, WestCoast Stone and THEMEKANIX really made a great funky remix of the original beat, I really dug this version a lot. Show major love to Lott who dropped a new album, “Lott Pac Big” about a month back.


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